Please be alert when someone comes to your door asking for entry to your property. Customers should verify the identification of anyone coming to their homes attempting to gain entry.
Reading Area Water Authority (RAWA) recently received several customer inquiries regarding persons requesting entry to test their water for contaminants.
During the CoVid Pandemic RAWA is only making entry to any property in the event of an emergency.
RAWA conducted an investigation and found an independent company is canvassing the City in an attempt to sell their equipment.
RAWA wants its customers to be aware this is not in any way related to RAWA and that your water remains safe and of the highest quality, as recognized by AWWA.
The company attempting to sell their equipment ID is similar to that of RAWA employees.
Reading Area Water Authority employees drive distinctively marked RAWA vehicles with PA municipal license plates, wear shirts or jackets with RAWA Water logo patches and always carry a RAWA photo identification card.
Anyone fearing for their safety should call 911. Additionally, call RAWA Customer Service Department at 610-406-6300.

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