Tips for Opening up your Business after the move from Red to Yellow with Safe Clean Water

While Berks County is now in the Yellow phase, many businesses are beginning to open up their buildings for the first time in months.   There are many things that are forgotten during a shut down, and one very important thing is making sure your water source is clean and fresh.  Water that has been sitting in your buildings pipes for a long period of time can become stagnate.  Below are some tips and steps for making sure you are safe and can provide clean healthy water to employees and customers.  Remember – Be Safe – Do Your Part…. Everyone wants to move on to Green as soon as possible.   We can only do that if you are following important guidelines for the safety of your customers. 

EPAmaintaining_building_water_quality_5.6.20-v2 final_checklist_for_maintaining_building_water_quality_5-6-2020 final_maintaining_building_water_quality_5.6.20-v2 

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