Available Employment Positions

To apply for employment with the Reading Area Water Authority, please download an employment application and include your resume if applicable.

Reading Area Water Authority Employment Application

 Please send to:

Human Resources
Reading Area Water Authority
1801 Kutztown Road
Reading, PA 19604

Fax: (610) 406-6307
Email: mailto:HR@readingareawater.com

Water Authority Certification Request

Effective September 30, 2020, in order to request a certification you must complete the attached request form and provide payment on line.  Please remember to print a receipt once you have completed the form and made payment.  The Water Authority will not honor any other form of certification requests after that date. If a request other than the attached is forwarded, the certification will not be honored.

Properties located in the City of Reading that have Trash and Recycling will need to provide an additional $25.00 per service for a certification. Reading Area Water Authority and City of Reading Sewer Certifications are $35.00. If all 4 services are present at the property, a total of $85.00 will need to be provided to complete a certification. No Certification will be completed until payment in full is received for all services present.

Certifications are valid for 30 DAYS from completion. No additional updates will be provided after 30 days. If after 30 days additional information is requested, a new certification request and another check for $85.00 will be required for all 4 services.

The Reading Area Water Authority’s goal is to return certifications in a timely manner. In order to provide this service efficiently request that certifications are ordered (10) days before scheduled settlement in order for the Water Authority to provide the most accurate information. The Water Authority will need (5) days to schedule to have a meter inspections as well as a final meter readings. An additional (5) days is needed to prepare the certifications.

Once the request form is received by the Water Authority we will contact the agent at the number provided on the attached request form and schedule an appointment for a meter inspection. This is to protect you as the Title Company along with the new owners from fees being added for missing meters, tampered meters or estimated bills from occurring after settlement is finalized.

The Reading Area Water Authority will need to gain access to each and every property in order to provide a certification. No exceptions will be made. Please make the realtors and current owners aware of this in order to avoid a delay in receiving information which may prolong the settlement.

File a request to utilize a RAWA-owned fire hydrant.

Inconsistent Usage Adjustment Request Form

Complaint Review Form

2021 Hardship Application


Large Meter Back Flow Testing form

Large Meter Testing Form

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