The August RAWA Board meeting will be held on August 18, 2020 at 4 pm via Zoom.  If you have public comment that you would like to have the Board of Directors read, please submit in writing to no later than 3:30 Pm on August 18, 2020.

North Heidelberg Voluntary Water Conservation Notice

Attention North Heidelberg residents that are customers of The Reading Area Water Authority (RAWA)

On July 30, 2020 RAWA mailed out a letter to the Home Owners indicating that due to the current well conditions and recent heat, RAWA is issuing a voluntary water conservation alert to avoid a water shortage.  At this time, we ask that those customers in the North Heidelberg area to please conserve water by not watering grass, wash vehicles and other “non” personal use activities. 

Once the conditions change, heat breaks and regular rain events occur, this notice will be lifted.

Should you have any questions please contact RAWA at



Please be alert when someone comes to your door asking for entry to your property. Customers should verify the identification of anyone coming to their homes attempting to gain entry.
Reading Area Water Authority (RAWA) recently received several customer inquiries regarding persons requesting entry to test their water for contaminants.
During the CoVid Pandemic RAWA is only making entry to any property in the event of an emergency.
RAWA conducted an investigation and found an independent company is canvassing the City in an attempt to sell their equipment.
RAWA wants its customers to be aware this is not in any way related to RAWA and that your water remains safe and of the highest quality, as recognized by AWWA.
The company attempting to sell their equipment ID is similar to that of RAWA employees.
Reading Area Water Authority employees drive distinctively marked RAWA vehicles with PA municipal license plates, wear shirts or jackets with RAWA Water logo patches and always carry a RAWA photo identification card.
Anyone fearing for their safety should call 911. Additionally, call RAWA Customer Service Department at 610-406-6300.



Reading Area Water Authority  has partnered with a NEW online payment service.  Invoice Cloud will be launching our new online and pay by “MANY” options!!! 

Customers will be able to receive monthly reminders via text or email with the balances due on their current bills, set up one time or recurring payments, use Google pay or Apple pay, print historical bills, and many other features. 

Watch for more exciting news  

July 21, 2020 RAWA Board Meeting

The July 21, 2020 RAWA monthly board meeting will be held via Zoom virtual conferencing.   If you have any questions/public comments for the Board of Directors please email them to INFO@READINGAREAWATER.COM no later than 3:30 Pm on Tuesday July 21, 2020.

RAWA Administrative Office Information

In keeping with the current Social Distancing protocol due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), RAWA Administration office is limiting communications to Digital and Phone communications. We are asking our customers to please try to email all questions to and if you have a Water emergency you can call 610-406-6300.  (Sewer emergencies should be directed to the City of Reading 610-655-6008)  If you leave a message, please be sure to provide a return phone number and address that you are calling about. Customer Service is available to answer your emails and calls from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.  

If you would like to make a payment, you can pay online at, you can call into pay your bill at (800) 720-6847, you an mail checks to PO Box 3315, Lancaster PA 17604-3315 or pay cash at any MoneyGram location. For MoneyGram locations visit

Reading Area Water wants to reassure you that we are here to provide you Safe Clean Drinking Water. Our staff is available 24/7 for water emergencies.

If you are experiencing a SEWER emergency please call the Sewer Department at  610-655-6008 or 484-955-3708

Tips for Opening up your Business after the move from Red to Yellow with Safe Clean Water

While Berks County is now in the Yellow phase, many businesses are beginning to open up their buildings for the first time in months.   There are many things that are forgotten during a shut down, and one very important thing is making sure your water source is clean and fresh.  Water that has been sitting in your buildings pipes for a long period of time can become stagnate.  Below are some tips and steps for making sure you are safe and can provide clean healthy water to employees and customers.  Remember – Be Safe – Do Your Part…. Everyone wants to move on to Green as soon as possible.   We can only do that if you are following important guidelines for the safety of your customers. 

EPAmaintaining_building_water_quality_5.6.20-v2 final_checklist_for_maintaining_building_water_quality_5-6-2020 final_maintaining_building_water_quality_5.6.20-v2 


The Reading Area Water Authority will continue flushing the intermediate distribution system starting Monday April 13th 2020,  thru Friday April 17th ,2020.

The areas involved will be from Spring Street southward to South Street. 8th Street eastward to city line.

Low water pressure and discolored water may be experienced during this time. The water system will return to normal approximately 30 minutes after flushing is completed in the area each day. Please contact the Reading Area Water Authority at 610-406-6300, with any questions or concerns. You can also follow us on Facebook and at