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Pay My Bill Online

Reading Area Water Authority provides customers a fast, easy, and safe way to conveniently pay bills online for FREE. Payments methods include: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Electronic Check – and Apple Pay and Google Pay.



1.  Go to Then
     click Utility. 
2. Enter your Account Number. Then enter the Street Name
     or House Number (Service Address) and click on Search
3. Then select the invoices you’d like to make a payment
     towards and click the Register Selected Invoices link.
4. Enter all required information that is marked with a red
     asterisk (*) and click Complete Registration.
5. Congrats! You’ve created your online account.
6. Once registered, use the Services area on the Your
     Accounts at a Glance screen, or the menu under My
     Profile, to sign up for paperless billing, AutoPay, scheduled
     payments, Pay by Text, and more!


Check for Water Leaks

Don’t let leaks go undetected. Learn how to make sure you are not letting water go to waste.


Customer Complaint Review Process

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